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Better Than Yesterday

Campers have the opportunity to participate in individual sports instruction at Camp Winadu. Our programs are run by seasoned professionals who are dedicated to developing camper’s skills in an environment that is focused on progress, not perfection.

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Winadu’s tennis program features a combination of instruction and competition on 14 all-weather tennis courts. Our skills clinics are taught in small groups and private lessons are available to all campers included in tuition. Boys of all abilities have the option to participate in tournaments throughout the summer. Winadu hosts an USTA sanctioned tournament and provides campers of any ability the opportunity to compete in local USTA tournaments.

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Winadu golf instruction takes place on our golf range and at public and private courses located minutes from camp. Campers who sign up for the full golf program can travel to the golf course or have private lessons from an on-staff PGA professional. Additionally, campers have the opportunity to play in tournaments and intramural competitions throughout the summer.

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Sports Broadcasting

Our sports broadcasting program allows campers to gain insight into game coverage and behind-the-scenes coverage from the point-of-view of a sportscaster. Boys will learn the techniques of radio and TV play-by-play, game preparation, journalism, interviewing skills, sideline reporting, and more.

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The Winadu skate park includes four quarter-pipes, two fun boxes, and grinding rails. Campers learn riding techniques such as basic styles and control before moving on to master jumps, tricks, and ramps with the help of our knowledgeable and talented staff.

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Karate/Martial Arts

Every summer Winadu campers who wish to learn the martial arts have the opportunity during group activities, clinics, and electives.

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Campers have the opportunity to experience this popular sport and develop their balance and agility skills during practice.

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Performance Training

Camp Winadu provides one of the most sophisticated fitness & strength conditioning programs available. The approach to athletic development and injury prevention involves very little weight training and no machinery to reduce stress. Instead, campers use their own body to improve agility, speed, and strength while decreasing the incidence of injury.

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