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Teams Stick Together

At Camp Winadu, team sports provide an opportunity for campers to work together, demonstrate leadership, and gain confidence in their own abilities. No matter the camper’s age, every boy is exposed to a wide range of sports & activities using the entire facility during the summer.

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Our basketball instruction emphasizes efficient and personalized practice techniques. Boys are split up into groups of 3 or 4 for skill-building clinics including: defense, shooting, and our most popular program, weak hand. Basketball facilities include: outdoor courts, indoor courts, The Winadome – our collegiate-style indoor facility. Boys are able to participate in Basketball League, NBA Day, March Madness and much more.

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Soccer instruction takes place on one of our four regulation fields and focuses on the fundamentals of the game so all campers can enjoy their experience during league play. Through specialized clinics, our campers develop a better understanding of the rules, improve their foot skills, and learn team tactics. Our staff offers customized clinic-instruction on ball control, shooting, dribbling, goalie skills, and defense. Campers then use the skills they’ve learned during league play on our four regulation-size fields. 2.1


We offer four baseball clinics to hone in on fundamental skills including: catching, pitching, hitting, and fielding. Our hitting clinic features focused instruction in live pitching, machine pitching, soft toss, and the hitting tee. Baseball facilities include a Major League field, a Little League field, our very own “Little Fenway,” plus 2 batting cages and a pitcher’s bull pen.

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The Winadu Lacrosse Program will take your game to the next level with beginner and advanced instruction on two lacrosse fields and a skills station. Beginners learn stick handling basics including: cradling, scooping, passing, and shooting. More advanced players hone in on goal keeping, offensive play, and defensive play with college style “team concept” drills. Plus, all campers can experience the sport with Box Lacrosse and lacrosse tournament game days. Meeting campers at their specific skill level allows every boy to progress at an optimum rate.

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Flag Football

Winadu’s flag football program introduces campers of all ages to the game and develops skills for more seasoned players. Our football clinics focus on all positions including quarterback, receiving, and blocking. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in the Winadu Flag Football League and the NFL/BCS days featuring all-day flag football tournaments – both are major camp highlights. Our campers enjoy playing on our NFL style goal posts.

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Ice Hockey

Led by William Kangas, Head Ice Hockey Coach of Williams College, Winadu offers one of the finest ice hockey programs in the nation. Our coaches focus on refining all aspects of key skills including: power and speed skating, stick handling, shooting, scoring, offense, defense, transition, team play, and goal tending. The Winadu Ice Hockey program allows campers to have consistent and weekly Ice Hockey instruction and game time over the summer while still attending a traditional overnight camp.

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Roller Hockey

The Winadu roller hockey program is designed to accommodate a wide range of experience. Our NHL regulation rink is set under the lights featuring an electronic scoreboard and a sports broadcasting press box with the best seats in the house.