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Meet the Winadu Family

Jared & Jill Shapiro, Alissa & Mike Girling

Jared & Jill Shapiro


The Shapiro’s history with Camp Winadu dates back to 1984 when Jared began as a camper. He spent 12 consecutive summers as a camper, counselor, group leader and then returned years later as director/owner. Today, Jared and his wife, Jill live in Millburn, NJ with their three sons. Together, they carry on the beauty and traditions of the unique Winadu culture. Jared directs all aspects of camp life, while Jill oversees office operations, transportation, and communications. They enjoy camp with their sons Ethan, Reid and Bennett (Winadu campers).

We asked Jared what his favorite Winadu program is – a quick reply was Campership (the greatest tradition in camping).

Jill’s is Clap-in (the amazing pep rally that welcomes campers to camp each summer).

Alissa & Mike Girling


Alissa & Mike joined the team in 2010. Alissa and Mike met at sleepaway camp in 2002 and they instantly knew that camping was their future together. Alissa came back to camping after a career as a school guidance counselor and Mike a soccer professional. Alissa is involved in all areas of camp but focuses on camper recruitment and communication with camp families to ensure a seamless camp experience.

We asked Alissa what her favorite Winadu event was – and she has 4 letters ZORK!!! (our camp wide shaving cream fight)

Mike – who wears every hat at Winadu – oversees staffing, food service, maintenance, and ensures that the “behind the scenes” aspects of camp life function smoothly and perfectly. Alissa, Mike, and their daughters Hannah and Emma reside in New City, New York.

We asked Mike what his favorite Winadu program is – Mike loves MLS Day (a full day soccer tournament).

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Meg Keighley

Program Director

Meg began her career at Winadu in 2015 on the program team and has since taken over as Program Director and become a member of the full time team. Meg is originally from the UK and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. Meg uses her knowledge and experience to develop a progressive & exciting program and she and her team execute truly awesome, creative special events.

We asked Meg what her favorite Winadu event was – “Color War – obviously!!”

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Liam Killen

Operations Manager

Liam, originally from York, England, joined Winadu in 2013, as a swim instructor/lifeguard, Lower Hornet counselor, Group Leader and now Unit Leader.

Liam graduated from Liverpool University with a masters in Zoology and worked in a Zoo in the UK before becoming a high school science teacher. Liam travels back and forth between New Jersey and UK in the off season hiring our awesome staff from around the world.

We asked Liam what his favorite part about camp is – he says other than slip ’n slides 😀 at Winadu, the people you meet and the brotherhood you build.

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Rachel Friedman

Lower Campus Director

Rachel joined the Winadu team in 2015 as the Braves Group Leader before taking on her current role as Lower Campus Director. Prior that she spent 11 years at as a camper, counselor and group leader at a sleep away camp. Rachel, originally from New York, has a Bachelors Degree in Spanish and History from University at Buffalo and a Masters in Education from Marist College. In the off season, Rachel is a High School teacher in Rockland County and uses her vast knowledge and experience with children to work with our Group Leaders, counselors and campers each summer.

We asked Rachel why camp? Rachel says sleepaway camp has been one of the greatest influences on her life and she loves sharing its gift with our Winadu campers!

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David Maddox

Upper Campus Director

David joined Winadu in 2009 and spent ten incredible summers at Winadu, starting as tennis staff, counselor, Group Leader and now Upper Campus Director. In the off season David has worked for the Peace Corps, as a high school teacher and on election campaigns.

We asked David what his favorite thing is at Winadu? He says Lazy Fridays and spending the time to talk with the campers. But we can’t forget about DJing the music in the dining hall (check out David’s annual Winadu Spotify Summer Playlists)!!

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Sarah Portugal

Head Nurse

Sarah joined the Winadu family in 2015. What started as a two week “trial” in our Health Center quickly turned into Sarah stepping in as Head Nurse and never looking back. She oversees the day to day operations of our Health Center, helping to care for all of our campers and staff. In 2017, Sarah was awarded the Winadu Brothers’ Humanitarian Award at our Banquet. During the year, besides recruiting and hiring the Health Center staff, Sarah assists Camp Winadu with Covid planning, medical protocols, and education for staff. Sarah lives in New York with her husband, two children and three dogs. She has also been an Emergency Department nurse for over 20 years and currently works in a Level 1 Adult and Pediatric trauma center.
Sarah’s favorite special events are Talent Show and Songfest.